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The GMAT is a standardized exam business schools use to assess their applicants. It has become the most common admissions test used by MBA programs worldwide and is essential to any application process. It can take up to six months and thousands of dollars to prepare for the GMAT. Alternatively, you may consider taking one of our other internationally recognized tests, such as the GRE or SAT.

MBA in the UK: Overview

MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration. A two-year master’s degree provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage businesses effectively. Students who complete MBA courses are eligible to work in various sectors. The main goal of an MBA program is to prepare students to become influential leaders in their chosen fields by developing their management skills. The value of an MBA degree has repeatedly been proven; it has been shown that individuals who hold this qualification have more significant career opportunities than those without formal education after university or college.

Top MBA universities in the UK

What is meant by GMAT?

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, a computer-based exam required for admission to most MBA programs worldwide. GMAT is designed to assess the skills necessary for success in graduate business study and careers that require knowledge of modern management principles.

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Pursuing MBA in the UK without GMAT

Pursuing an MBA in UK without a GMAT is several considerations. The most obvious one is that it takes time and effort to prepare for GMAT, and with so many other things to do before you start your program, you would probably not have much time left for preparation. Moreover, some students feel they will not be able to score well on this exam because their academic background does not match perfectly with its format or style. 

Best Universities in the UK for MBA without GMAT

Some of the best are included in the list below. Universities that accept students who don’t have a GMAT score.

  • University of Warwick: It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and has been consistently climbing up its ranks over time. It’s also one of England’s oldest universities, founded in 1965.
  • Imperial College London: This university, also known as Imperial College, was established in 1907 and is recognized as one of Britain’s most prestigious institutions. It was ranked third in The Times Good University Guide 2019 rankings.
  • University of Bath: This institution was founded by the Royal Charter back in 1966 and currently offers courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels; hence why they were named “one” when it comes to being “best.”
Study MBA in UK

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Fees of MBA in the UK without GMAT

MBA is the most popular program for those who want to increase their knowledge and experience. This course aims to get advanced education and skills, improve practical skills, and develop leadership qualities. Preparation for successfully passing the test or interview on any work will also help you open new horizons in your career development. Getting into business schools in UK without passing exams like GMAT is quite difficult. Many universities provide such programs at affordable prices: they offer a wide range of opportunities to choose from depending on your preferences and interests.


You can get an MBA without the GMAT, but you must understand that going through this process will take more time and money. There are many options available for international applicants who want to study in the UK without taking the GMAT. There are some disadvantages, though, that you should be aware of and consider before making this decision.

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