Best Colleges in the UK for Indian Students: PG in UK

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The UK is one of the most popular study destinations for Indian students. It offers excellent value for money, with some of the best universities in the world. And it’s not just about studying English or business management. There are also great opportunities to study engineering, medicine, and other subjects that are popular with Indian students.

Intakes in UK Universities

An intake is a period during which a student can apply for admission to a university. The number of students accepted for each information varies from university to university, and the application deadlines are usually clearly listed on the college’s website. Choosing your target school carefully is essential: some universities will only provide you with one chance at obtaining an offer; others allow applicants multiple opportunities to succeed in their application process. Choosing an appropriate time frame for your application will determine whether or not you can attend this particular school once your acceptance letter arrives!

colleges in UK for international students

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Things to look at when choosing to study university in the UK

  • Course Specialization: You should know what course you want to learn. 
  • Student life: is essential as it helps students develop their personality, leadership skills, and other things while studying at a university.
  • Faculty: The academic community is supported by any university, so we must choose a good institution with high-quality faculties that can provide us with quality education at affordable prices.
  • Academic reputation: this will help us readily get admitted into top universities after passing out from our undergraduate courses.

Best Course programs in the UK for Indian students

If you’re looking for a master’s degree program in the UK, these are the top courses for which Indian students can opt.

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Masters in Information Systems Management (MSISM)
  • Masters in Engineering Management (MEM)
  • Masters in Finance (MFin)
  • Masters in Marketing (MMK)

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Best colleges in the UK for diploma courses

The University of Cambridge is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It is internationally ranked as one of the best universities for its high academic standards and quality education. The University of Birmingham is another top university in the UK, with an international student body representing over 150 countries worldwide, including India. Numerous undergraduate programs are available, combined with postgraduate degrees, including master’s, doctoral and professional courses at the graduate level. 

best courses in UK for Indian students

Top Universities in the UK for Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree

For undergraduate courses, there are four universities in the UK: Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College London, and UCL. These are considered among the best European universities for studies, like bachelor’s degrees or Master’s degrees.

For further studies like MSc/MBA/MCA/MDS, you can be admitted into these six universities: University of Aberdeen; University of Bath; Queen’s Belfast; Edinburgh Napier; Heriot-Watt & Robert Gordon.

Best colleges in the UK for MBA

These are the universities with a high acceptance rate for Indians in their MBA in UK:

  • University of Warwick, UK: 39% acceptance rate (2nd highest)
  • University of Sheffield, UK: 36% acceptance rate (3rd highest)
  • University of Nottingham, UK: 35% acceptance rate (4th highest)
  • University of Manchester, UK: 26% acceptance rating (5th highest)


The UK is probably ranked as having the best institutions and facilities in terms of academic excellence. Hopefully, this article has opened your thoughts concerning studying abroad and various advancements when it comes to education.

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